Evictions are often high-stress ordeals for both landlords and tenants. In the midst of these disputes and proceedings, it is important that you have skilled legal guidance protecting your interests.

At the law offices of Kathy D. Sheive Attorney at Law, we focus our practice on representing landlords in the legal process of eviction, helping our clients avoid mistakes or reactionary actions that could land them in trouble.

Representation In Tenant And Landlord Eviction Rights And Legal Options

Our attorneys are prepared to represent your interests in the eviction process. This first requires that the landlord provide the tenant an eviction notice. Grounds for eviction include:

  • The tenant is past due on rent
  • The lease has expired, but the tenant is still occupying the property
  • The tenant has violated the rental agreement or lease in any way
  • The tenant is on a month-to-month lease, which the landlord wishes to end

At this point, the two must go through the formal eviction process to legally have the tenant removed from the property. A landlord cannot forcibly have the tenant removed until after he or she has gone through the formal eviction process with the court. This includes changing the locks and moving the tenant’s possessions.

If the landlord forcibly removes the tenants or their possessions, legal action can be taken.

As such, it is of critical importance to address these issues in the most compliant way. We will bring our comprehensive knowledge to help you do precisely that.

To learn more about the eviction process and how our lawyers can protect your interests, please contact our Kissimmee, Florida, law offices today at 407-624-5993.