Domestic Injunctions

A Domestic Injunction is a protective court order which is intended to:

  • Legally acknowledge and document a perceived potential threat involving family members or those who are /or were involved in a domestic relationship
  • Inform the one whom the domestic injunction has been filed against of the limitations and restrictions they have relating to the individual the domestic injunction has been granted for
  • To provide a legal recourse if the terms of the domestic injunction have been violated

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Basic elements necessary for a domestic violence injunction, or order of protection include:

  • Must be between family or household members
  • The Petitioner must have been the victim of domestic violence or is in fear of an imminent attack
  • The sworn petition must allege the existence of domestic violence with supporting facts and
  • Jurisdiction is where the Petitioner currently resides, temporarily resides; where Respondent resides, and where domestic violence occurred

In dividing your assets and debt, the court must start off with the presumption of an equal distribution but courts can and do make unequal distributions based upon the circumstances.

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Thee are four types of domestic injunctions in the State of Florida:

  • Domestic Violence Injunction
  • Repeat Violence Injunction
  • Dating Violence Injunction
  • Sexual Violence Injunction

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