Family Law Mediation

In any proceeding in which the issues of parental responsibility, primary residence, access to, visitation with, or support of a child, or alimony – spousal support issues are contested, the court may refer the parties to mediation in accordance with rules promulgated by the Supreme Court.

Family Law Mediation can be extremely helpful in amicably resolving points of contention in divorce and other family law matters prior to the court hearing arguments and rendering decisions.

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If an agreement is reached by the parties through family law mediation on contested issues, a consent order incorporating the agreement shall be prepared by the mediator and submitted to the parties and their attorneys for review. Upon approval by the parties, the consent order shall be reviewed by the court and, if approved, entered. Thereafter, the consent order may be enforced in the same manner as any other court order.

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Achieving success in family law mediation often requires the ability of your attorney to aggressively pursue your legal goals while providing a voice of reason and experience.

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