Establishing the paternity of a child may sometimes be necessary for issues relating to the father’s rights, proving or disproving the biological fatherhood of a child, inheritance issues, and potential family medical history issues relating to a child.

A paternity test may be conducted voluntarily, or by order of the court. Those who may legally request a paternity test regarding a child’s biological father include:

  • The mother of the child or children
  • The assumed biological father
  • A male who is able show cause that he may be the biological father of the child
  • A male who is disputing that they are the biological father
  • Grandparents or other blood relatives of the child in the event the assumed biological father has passed away

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In an uncontested paternity action, men are usually very confident that they are the biological father of the child, or they wish to maintain a legal relationship with the child whether or not they are the father, and thus either initiate paternity actions or consent to the entry of a paternity order.

A contested paternity action may arise either as private actions or are brought by the state. A private action for paternity is typically served the purpose of securing child support payments from the father or parenting time with the child.

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When the mother applies for state assistance, the State will typically commence a paternity action through the prosecutor’s office in an effort to obtain full or partial reimbursement of any grant of aid for the child from the child’s biological father.

An individual who is tentatively identified or assumed to be the child’s father in paternity litigation is referred to as the “putative father”, which means they are “generally regarded as the biological father” unless proven otherwise through a paternity test.

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